IRIB TV3 Biss Key on Badr 5 at 26.0 ° E

 IRIB TV3, VARZESH HD Biss Key on Badr 5 at 26.0°E, IRIB TV3 (Persian: شبکە 3 or شبکەسه; Shabake Se) is one of 32 national television channels in Iran.

It is the third television channel established by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation and began broadcasting on December 4, 1993. The channel is often referred to as a youth channel for its extensive sports programming. The channel broadcasts major Iranian sporting events, miniseries, comedies and movies (domestic and foreign).

IRIB Varzesh (Persian: شبکه ورزش, English: Sports Channel) is Iran's national sports television channel, launched on July 18, 2012. It is the fifth Iranian television channel to be broadcast in digital mode and the second in high-definition mode. The quality of the TV channel being played. The channel is currently available on set-top box devices and online.

Varzesh will broadcast two Persian Gulf Pro League games per week, as well as the occasional major Azadegan League game. The channel also broadcasts documentaries about the Olympics and World Championships, as well as physical education videos.

Varzesh also broadcasts several popular Iranian wrestling shows including: 120 Football which focuses on European football, Meydan which focuses on Iranian sports and Lezate Football which mainly televises European and international football matches. Varzesh also participated in other sports volleyball competitions in the world and in Iran

IRIB TV3 HD On Badr (Arabsat) 26 ° E New Biss Key

Badr(Arabsat) 26°E

12265 H 30000
Biss Key : 66 66 66 32 66 66 66 32
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