IRIB UHD HDR Biss Key on Badr-5 @ 26 East 2022, Justice is regarded as a fundamental situation for improvement in growing the countrywide media infrastructure and receiving it by way of the people, taking into account the financial prerequisites of the society. On the different hand, transferring in the route of development and get right of entry to to cutting-edge applied sciences and even beyond, is quintessential and integral for the governing broadcaster; Because it influences the future of the economic system and enterprise in society. Therefore, the artwork of appropriate administration is to make selections and moves in a way that does now not leave out all of us else from the field.

Biss Keys Therefore, the Deputy Minister of Development and Technology of the National Media has put the right and particular coverage and pass in this route on the agenda, taking into account the concerns regarded through the esteemed director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization. “Beyond” or “IRIB UHD” is one of the most vital of these measures. After enormous research through country wide media experts, this TV community is in UHD (2160P) or 4K first-class with WCG and HDR-HLG colour technology, multi-channel ambient audio science and HEVC Main 10 (10-bit) compression technological know-how with a body price of 50. Launched in seconds, which has the very best degree of present day broadcasting requirements in the world. The Beyond Network is additionally outfitted with HBBTV technology, which doubles its enchantment whilst developing a platform for interplay with audiences. Since 1399 was once registered as the yr of manufacturing leap, in accordance to the Supreme Leader, the Deputy Minister of Development and Media Technology, relying on God Almighty and relying on the understanding of neighborhood experts, has been capable to enhance the primary structures wished to launch this community locally. Perhaps now we can proudly reflect onconsideration on this community as a neighborhood and countrywide product


Badr-5 @ 26 East
Freq- 12322 V 30000
Biss Key : 44 44 44 CC 44 44 44 CC

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