What is the Soft cam key?

Softcam key is a plain text document with the .key extension. Contains a set of keys that allow you to decrypt all kinds of encodings available on satellite TV. With the help of a plug-in (for a program on a computer) or a software emulator in the satellite receiver, this file can open closed channels. Its main advantage is that it concatenates all keys for all encodings

In order to be able to watch scrambled satellite channels on a computer, the Softcam.key is used together with computer DVB programs: ProgDvb, DVB Dream, etc. In addition, and at the moment, this file has gained popularity in satellite receivers (tuners), for example, in the latest GI models. You need to download the latest Softcam key by the date of creation to a USB flash drive, load it into the tuner and watch all the channels that it became possible to decode using this emulator.

In some cases, it can even become a substitute for card sharing (if there are Skystar, Technotrend, etc. satellite DVB-maps), because the Softcam key in this case allows you to open a few more channels.



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